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Young Children Priority One (YCPO)

Chair: Reba Rees

Kiwanis clubs all over the world place a great emphasis on YCPO.   YCPO stands for Young Children Priority One.  It is intended to benefit children from birth to 5 years of age.

We screen programs of non-profit agencies.  Then we either donate money to these programs or offer our members’ services or both. 

During the past year we helped provide infant car seats and training in how to use them to low-income parents.  This was achieved through monetary support to the Kadlec Medical Center Foundation

Many of our members record a new story each week for the Richland Library Dial-a-Story Program, making it possible for preschoolers to simply listen to stories over the phone when their parents are too busy to read to them.  This is a year-round service project.