Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers
dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time.

"You can join Kiwanis if you want to perform good works."
Horwitz, Tony.  A Voyage Long and Strange.  New York: Picador, 2008. p385.

Kiwanis Club of Richland, WA
Pacific Northwest District - Div 54
P.O. Box 1622
Richland, WA 99352

CONTACT US: Richland Kiwanis 

Membership meetings: Every Wednesday, 11:30am - 1:00pm.  


Board meetings: 1st Monday
12:00 PM, Richland Public Library, Richland, WA

    Jerry Greenfield

Past President
    Shasta Meyer

    Syd Koegler

    Nancy Beitel

  • Bette Evans (20)

  • Corky Greenfield (20)

  • Del Ballard (19)

  • Larry Chapman (19)

  • Lonna Malone (20)

  • Ninu Kaushal (20)

  • Shirley Mellick (19)

(Tax-Exempt 501(c)(3); EIN 31-158955
  • Kurt Johnson, President (19)

  • Lonna Malone, Vice President (18)

  • Dick Green, Secretary (20)

  • Nancy Beitel, Treasurer (19)

  • Gary Busselman (20)

  • Larry Chapman (18)

  • Ralph Curran (20)

  • Ann Ketchum (18)

  • Dave Lewis (19)


         Jerry Greenfield


Club Administration
  House and Reception – Corky Greenfield/Jerry Greenfield
  Interclubs –Burt Pierard
  Programs – Jim Dyson /Gary Busselman
                     Jim Thornton/Shasta Meyers
  Chief Of Security – Jerry Greenfield, Assistant Dave Lewis
  Web Master – Larry Chapman

  Membership Growth and Retention
  Membership Education
  Attendance and Achievement
  Bulletin - Ralph Curran
  Membership Directory - Ralph Curran
  Human and Spiritual Values - Nancy Johnson, Jim Dyson

Young Children Priority One  - Nancy Johnson
  Infant Car Seat Program
  Dial a Story - Reba Reese
  Children’s Developmental Center

Youth Services
  Juvenile Justice Center Library – George Evans
  River’s Edge Alternative High School – Gail Clark
  Top Scholar’s Luncheon – Shirley Mellick
  Foreign Exchange Students’ Luncheon – Shirley Mellick
  Pen Pals/Lewis and Clark – Nancy Johnson

Sponsored Youth - Gerry Ritter
Key Club – Hanford High School Betty Norton, Ann Ketchum
Key Club – Richland High School – Jerry and Corky Greenfield, 
 Reba Rees 

Community Service
  Food Bank
  Salvation Army Bell Ringing – Dave Lewis
  Richland Parks contact 
 Kurt Johnson, Syd Koegler
  SIGN Fracture Care International – Ralph Curran
  SHAKE – Syd Koegler

Fund Raising
  Art in the Park Pie and Ice Cream – Syd Koegler
  Cool Desert Nights Pancake Breakfast – Burt Pierard
  Citrus Fruit – Del Ballard, Kae Hopkins
  Garage Sale – Corky Greenfield

Kiwanis District/International – Jerry Greenfield




4th  Shasta on the "Lunch Buddies" program

11th  Joshua Smith with the Richland Fire and Emergency Services Department "Heartsafe Richland" Program

18th  Nevresa Beganovic and Eric Sobotta

         Center for Sharing

25th  Monthly evening "Meeting with Shasta"


September 7 : Division Pancake feed – 8 t0 11am 
                         in downtown Kennewick

September 11-14: SIGN Fracture Care annual conference – We will be providing a taxi service to ~150 visiting surgeons from developing countries. Let Shirley Mellick know if you can help.

September 11: Division Council – 6 pm at Camp Kiwanis

September 14: Support Pasco Community free breakfast in Memorial Park for children , from 9 am to 12


What We Do

    Youth Programs
Scholarship Awards through Richland Kiwanis Foundation
Honor Foreign Student at Luncheon 
Pen Pal Elementary School Program 
Sponsor Richland High School Key Club 
Sponsor Hanford High School Key Club 
Kiwanis Children's Cancer Program 
Maintain Juvenile Justice Center Library 
Honor Top Scholars at Luncheon 
Dial-a-Story Program 
Safe Harbor Contributions 

    Community Programs
Improvement Events
Planting Flowers
Support SIGN
Salvation Army Support
Contribute to other Non-Profit Groups
Monetary Support for Kiwanis International
Food Bank Contributions

    Fund Raisers
Citrus Sales
Pancake Breakfast during Cool Desert Nights
Pie & Ice Cream in the Park 
Estate Sale
Weekly Lunch Contributions

    Social Events
Weekly Luncheons
Inviting Interesting Speakers
Social Gatherings
"Making New Friends" Social
Other Ancillary Social Events


Scholarships are available for Seniors graduating from the Richland School District.  They are available for 2 and 4 year Colleges and Technical institutions.

Applicants should inform their counselor that they are applying in order for counselors to provide followup communications, if necessary.


Flash – Richland Kiwanis member makes the news! On September 1 there was a very nice article on families that immigrated to the US that featured our own Anh Mai-Windle. Congratulations Anh!!


6007 Columbia Park Trail

Rental information - CLICK HERE

WANT TO BECOME A MEMBER OF RICHLAND KIWANIS?  Membership is open to anyone over 18 years of age. If you would like more information, or are interested in joining, please contact:
Ralph Curran (509) 943-9751  Email: , or 
Leona Hassing  (509) 942-4111, Email:


2019 Scholarship Awards
At the May 29th meeting we presented the Richland
Kiwanis Foundation scholarships to 5 deserving students
from the Richland School District. We also presented 5
scholarships members sponsor at WSU Tri-Cities.

2019 Top scholars luncheon
On May 22 we again hosted a lunch for the top scholars
in the Richland School District and their parents. They
were introduced by each schools administrator. An
outstanding group of young scholars.

Kadlec Child Seat Program Nancy Johnson presenting our annual contribution Carol Gaulke our annual contribution to the Kadlec child seat program. 
A special Thanks  The club owes a special thanks to Reba Rees for arranging for our meetings at the Shalom Church of Christ.  Also to the reception committee for continuing to arrange for a lunch.

A special Thanks The club owes a special thanks to Shirley Mellick for arranging for our meetings at the Redeemer Lutheran Church and also to the reception committee for arranging for a lunch. They don’t want to do this permanently but many of us wish they did!!!! 

2018 Fruit Sale - Chairman Del Ballard reported the delivery and distribution of the citrus fruit went well with strong support from both the Hanford and Richland KEY Clubs. The club made about $5100 from the effort.

SIGN Conference - The annual SIGN conference in Richland was held September 12-15, 2018
For us the conference started Wed. evening when we had dinner with the surgeons. Our Governor Jerry Deas was in attendance and was thanked along with other Kiwanians for our continuing support. There were approximately 150 surgeons from the developing world in
attendance. Kiwanians from Port Townsend, Abbotsford and Tri-City clubs worked to support the conference by helping at SIGN and with the transportation of surgeons to and from a the local Mosque and shopping after hours. It was again a pleasure to meet this dedicated
and skilled group of people. SIGN again had a portable cadaver lab on site providing the surgeons access to top level instruction they normally have no opportunity to receive.

We had an awesome group of Hanford High School Key
Club students present at our Kiwanis meeting last week (8/22/18).
They have put on and offered a STEM camp for kids in the
Tri-Cities community for two years now. The camp for 5th
and 6th graders was held at the Richland Library. They
demonstrated for us many of the activities that they offered
for the kids who attended their summer camp and our club
was considerably impressed. We hope that they will be
able to get the funding they need to continue this amazing
camp next year.

July 28, 2018 - 
Pie & Ice Cream in the Park
Thanks to the good work of Syd Koegler, the Kiwanis Pie & Ice Cream and Root Beer Float stand had another successful run at this years very hot “ Art in the Park” show. The crowds were not large but they seemed to be continuous. Again the Richland and Hanford KEY Clubs pitched in and took several shifts. Thanks to everyone who made this a success!!!

June 23, 2018 - Pancake Breakfast
Our annual pancake breakfast in conjunction with the “Cool Desert Nights” car show took place on June 23rd.. It went well with strong support from the Richland and Hanford KEY Clubs. Attendance was down somewhat from past years probably due to reduced promotion from the Tri-City Chamber of Commerce in the last year of their sponsorship. Next year the West Richland Chamber of Commerce is taking over and we will work with them to see how things will be done.

June 20, 2018 -Kiwanis Outstanding Police Officer Award
The Kiwanis Club of Richland held a special program on June 20th in observance of Law Enforcement Day last month. Richland Kiwanian and retired Richland Police Chief, Dave Lewis worked with Lieutenant Tom Croskey to select a member of the Richland Police Department as the Kiwanis Club's inaugural Kiwanis Police Outstanding Officer of the Year Award. The nomination was received by Sergeant Drew Florence and recognized Detective Damon Jansen for his exemplary 10 years of service as a detective. Sargent Drew Florence and Lieutenant Chris Lee presented the award and emphasized that Detective Jansen delivers top notch quality and exemplifies the values of the City of Richland while working tirelessly on behalf of its citizens and victims. Jansen has worked nearly 600 felony cases, many of which are violent or sexual related crimes involving children which really takes a toll on the psyche. Detective Jansen is also an active member of the Regional Special Investigation Unit which is responsible for investigating officer involved critical incidents in the Benton/Franklin and surrounding counties. In addition, Jansen is a member of the department training cadre which provides training such as emergency driving instruction to the Richland Police Department. It was an honor for the Kiwanis Club of Richland to present this award as it is their mission to make a world of difference for the youth in their communities and Detective Jansen and the Richland Police Department are excellent examples of this critical work. Interim Police Chief, Jeff Taylor along with Lieutenant Chris Lee thanked the Kiwanis Club of Richland and the Richland Community for their continued support and trust.

May 30, 2018 - Top Scholars Lucheon
The 57th Annual Kiwanis Top Seniors' Luncheon was held on May 30th at the Shiloh Inn. Forty one students from Richland School District high schools were honored. The Guest Speaker for the event was Teresa Knirck, a retired teacher and guidance counselor from Hanford High
School. Teresa was a recipient of a Kiwanis Top Senior award when she was a high school graduating senior. Her message, directed to the students, was motivational tips leading to their continued success in future years. Approximately 80-90 people, including Students, Parents, Richland School District Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent, Richland School Board members, Principals, Counselors and Kiwanis Club members all enjoyed the event.

May 23, 2018 - Annual Scholarship Luncheon supported by The Richland Kiwanis Foundation. WSU's Chancellor, Sandra D. Haynes, was the keynote speaker and emphasized the importance of education, as it has had a profound impact on her life as a first generation college graduate. She encouraged the recipients to take full advantage of these scholarships and use them to expand their minds, their skillsets, career paths, and lives in general. Dr. Haynes cited several sources that demonstrate that a college education lessens depression, increases engagement in communities, develops lifelong relationships and mentors, increases the level of professionalism and personal security, and allows students access to valuable preparedness learning through challenges, consequences when they fail, and obstacles in life.

In addition, five scholarships were presented to students already enrolled at Washington State University, Tri-Cities by Richland Kiwanians, Ralph and Miriam Curran and Del and Virginia Ballard. Exxon Mobile triples Ralph and Miriam’s contributions as Ralph is a retiree. 

Rivers Edge high School Awards Club President, Shasta Meyers, and Club Secretary, Toni Ball, handed out Student of the Month and Firebird Awards to four outstanding Rivers Edge students at April's Firebird Assembly. We received many warm thank you’s for our clubs support at Rivers Edge.  We provide these recognition awards to uplift and support the hard working students at Rivers Edge.  In addition, our club provides school supplies, mittens, and winter hats as needed.

Tulips – Then and Now!
Last October the club with the support of the Hanford and Richland High KEY Clubs planted tulips at the entrance of Howard Amon Park. This week they are in bloom! We put in 500 last year perhaps we should add another 1000 this year.

April 10, 2018 - Our Pen Pal Program Picnic
What a fun program for all. Our club adopted Mrs. Rucker’s 5th grade class. For the past few months, we have been writing to our pen pals. It’s wonderful for us, as Kiwanis members, to keep in touch with the young students who share their ideas and thoughts with us. It’s been great for the students to have another adult in their lives to discuss their issues with. It’s a win/win for all involved.

February 14, 2018 - Foreign Exchange Student Lunch - Each year Richland Kiwanis honor the foreign exchange students studying in area high schools.  This year students from Hanford, Richland, and Kiona-Benton high schools honored.

December 2, 2017 - Kiwanis Fruit Sale - The fruit arrived at 79 Willis in North Richland, and with the help of members, friends and the Hanford & Richland KEY Clubs it was unloaded and 100% sorted in record time. The quality was the best we can remember with no more than 20 bad fruit out of ~500 boxes. All our customers were pleased and the club made $5,501. A big thank you to Del Ballard for chairing this important event and for Kae Hopkins and Burt Pierard for all there support; not to forget the rest of our strong backs and weak minds!
October 28, 2017 - Kiwanis one day event - Our club teamed up with Richland High and Hanford High Key Clubs and planted tulips by the archway of Howard Amon Park in Richland. The plot was not prepped as we expected but we got her done.

October 17, 2017
USS Triton Sail Park Tour - Some of our club members toured the Port of Benton’s Sail Park. An interesting step into history! Captain Kurt fired (make believe) torpedo's at local Rotary boats!

June 24,2017 - 
Cool Desert Nights Pancake Breakfast
On June 24th we held our annual 
pancake breakfast in conjunction with the Cool Desert Nights car show. The weather 
was perfect and we had a big turn out. Again we owe a big thanks to the Hanford and 
Richland KEY Clubs!

May 24, 2017

May 17, 2017

March 22, 2017 - Over 20 foreign exchange students who are attending Richland area high schools were honored at the annual KCRW Foreign Exchange Student Luncheon.

March 8, 2017 - Mary Ann Parker with Richland Kiwanis presented a check to the Tri-Cities Child Development Center

2016 Richland Kiwanis Foundation Scholarship Luncheon
Tuesday, May 24, 2016 - The Richland Kiwanis Foundation awarded four scholarships at its annual scholarship luncheon.  Students from Richland High School and Liberty Christian High School received the scholarships.  Also awarded at the luncheon was a Curran Family scholarship, administered through WSU Tri-Cities.

Annual Top Scholars Luncheon

Jubilee Outing
Field trip to Jubilee Leadership Academy April 8, 2016

Kiwanis One Day

Each year, Kiwanis clubs around the world join in a day of service. This year our club worked to improve the grounds at Camp Kiwanis.

Exchange Student luncheon
On Feb. 10, 2016 we had our annual Exchange student luncheon. The event was chaired by Shirley Mellick and the exchange students from all the Richland schools and their host families were invited. We had a great time visiting with these outstanding students that answered questions we had submitted about their native countries.
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