Activities, Programs, & Operations


Human and Spiritual Values - Nancy Johnson, Jim Dyson

Young Children Priority One

  • Children's Car Seat program - Nancy Johnson

  • Dial-a-Story - Reba Rees

  • Steam Kids - Nancy Johnson

Juvenile Justice Center - George Evans

River's Edge Alternative High School - Shasta Meyers

Top Scholars Luncheon - Shirley Mellick

Foreign Exchange Student Luncheon - Shirley Mellick

Safe Harbor Support Center - Richard Bartlett

Sponsored Youth - Jerry Greenfield

Hanford High School Key Club - Betty Norton

Richland High School Key Club - Jerry Greenfield, Corky Greenfield

Food Bank - Corky Greenfield

Salvation Army Bell Ringing - Dave Lewis

Richland Parks and Recreation - Kurt Johnson, Syd Koegler

SIGN Fracture Care International - Ralph Curran

SHAKE - Syd Koegler


Art in the Park Pie and Ice Cream (fundraising) - Shasta Meyers

Cool Desert Nights Pancake Breakfast (fundraiser) - Burt Pierard

Fruit Sale (fundraiser) - Syd Koegler

Garage Sale (fundraiser) - Shasta Meyers


House amd Reception - Corky Greenfield, Jerry Greenfield

Interclubs - Burt Pierard

Programs - Jim Dyson, Gary Busselman, Jim Thornton, Richard Bartlett, Anh Mai-Windle

Security - Jerry Greenfield, Dave Lewis

Internet/Web - Larry Chapman

Membership - Shasta Meyers

Attendance and Achievement - Syd Koegler

Bulletin - Ralph Curran

Directory - Ralph Curran

Kiwanis District/International - Jerry Greenfield